When the shootings broke out at Fort Hood, the hospital went into automatic triage mode. Faced with the challenges of treating patients that were shot and coping with being under fire, the November 12th shootings were unique to America in numerous ways. In the end, thirteen people died, over 30 were injured and 16 were still hospitalized by November 15 2009. Since the shootings, numerous reports have surfaced demonstrating the coordinated efforts of medically trained soldiers and those fighting the war to support wartime objectives. This may appear to be a new trend for medicine. However, the strategy of automatic triage mode has been utilized in other wars, dating back to World War II.

Many types of medical specialists may be involved in surgery that is performed for the repair of traumatic injury in Wars. There are medics or emergency medical technicians that perform initial triage work at combat zones. There are dentists that work hand in hand with oral maxillofacial surgeons to address craniofacial (or jaw bone to mouth) deformities at combat zones.

Now, medical specialists have transformed their wartime care into leveraged care for average citizens that have been injured in the U.S. There are also dentists and/or orthodontists working hand in hand with oral maxillofacial surgeons to create Smile Makeovers that may reposition the jaw bone to reshape the lower part of the face. The addition of the role of orthodontics may also impact the appearance of the face. These types of Smile Makeovers provide a facial transformation for many of those that have embarked on the journey. Oral maxillofacial surgeons are also a part of every Trauma One Hospital Center in the U.S. Oral maxillofacial surgeons receive four years training in dentistry and four years of extensive residency training working in general surgery, trauma surgery, plastic surgery, otolaryngology and anesthesia. Most recently, Major Mark E. Ranschaert, DMD and Major Joseph Dylan Bowles, DDS were twp oral maxilliofacial surgeons that worked to saves the lives of those injured in the Fort Hood shooting.