Liposuction: Performing The Procedure

Prior to having liposuction in Michigan performed, the patient will be given anesthesia. How much anesthesia is administered is contingent upon how much body fat is being removed as well as the kind of liposuction that will be performed. In some cases, anesthesia may only be applied locally. On the other hand, it is sometimes necessary or advantageous to require a general application. In this case, the surgery will be performed while the patient sleeps.

liposuction surgery

When the anesthesia takes effect, liposuction surgery is performed with the use of a suction device attached to a tiny instrument referred to as a cannula. By making tiny incisions into the patient’s body, the cannula pierces fatty regions between the muscle and skin in order to remove excess fat. The fat is typically removed with a large syringe or suction pump. The end result of the procedure is a smoother, more contoured body. The length of time the procedure will take to complete is contingent upon how much fat will be removed.

The Consultation

Individuals who are thinking about having liposuction procedures performed in order to improve their appearance should note that the first step towards accomplishing this objective is scheduling a consultation with a licensed physician. This step is very important because the doctor will be able to identify risk factors and various other matters that will help contribute to a safe, productive surgery. There are several factors that can limit how much fat an individual can have safely removed within one session. Ultimately, the decision regarding how much fat to remove is made by the physician and the patient. One risk that the physician should inform the patient about is that removing a great deal of fat can be highly problematic. Specifically, the more fat an individual opts to have removed, the higher the surgical risk involved. Additionally, those individuals who have excess fat removed will oftentimes have unusual “dents” or “lumpiness” in their skin and appear to be “over-suctioned.”